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Crochet Pumpkin Hat


As autumn approaches, what could capture the essence better than a crochet pumpkin hat? This design is subtly charming, with its color making it the quintessential accessory for this season. While many choose to wear shades of gray and black during fall, we shouldn’t forget the season’s vibrancy. A bonus? In the early twilight of fall days, this hat’s standout color ensures you’re visible to drivers at pedestrian crossings. 🎃

This crochet pumpkin hat pattern came to life at my daughter’s request, and the showcased hat sits perfectly on her head. I crocheted it to her size, so you might need to make adjustments as per your requirements.

More on the hat’s sizing can be found here. Yet, it took me several attempts to get it right. Regular increases caused some bumpiness on the top, which led me to intersperse some rows without any increases. You might not need them, but consider this pattern as a guideline sprinkled with inspiration. After all, we could all use a splash of vibrant colors in our fall wardrobe! 😊


Materials Needed for Your Crocheted Pumpkin Hat

  • Pumpkin-colored yarn (I opted for Alize Cotton Gold) and a complementary green yarn for the vine.
  • A crochet hook that matches your yarn. Coming from an amigurumi background, I prefer a tight crochet, so I went with a slightly thicker hook, especially after having to unravel the hat twice due to the bumpy top! 😊
  • Scissors
  • A tapestry needle
  • And, of course, a model head to fit and test out the hat

Abbreviations (US terms)

ch – chain
sc – single crochet
inc – increase
dec – decrease
slst – slip stitch
hdc – half double crochet
dc – double crochet
FP – front post stich


Crochet Pumpkin Pattern Hat


Girl wearing crochet pumpkin hat with Lake Balaton in the background.

Pumpkin Hat

with orange colour

  1. Rnd – Start with a magic ring, 6 sc in the ring
  2. Rnd – Work 12 dc around (12)
  3. Rnd – FP, ch 1, FP
  4. Rnd – FP, ch 1, 1 dc into the ch space, repeat around
  5. Rnd – FP, ch 1, 2 dc
  6. Rnd – FP, ch 1, 3 dc
  7. Rnd – FP, ch 1, 4 dc
  8. Rnd – FP, ch 1, 5 dc
  9. Rnd – (Repeat of 8th round) FP, ch 1, 5 dc
  10. Rnd – FP, ch 1, 6 dc
  11. Rnd – (Repeat of 10th round) FP, ch 1, 6 dc
  12. Rnd – FP, ch 1, 7 dc
  13. Rnd – (Repeat of 12th round) FP, ch 1, 7 dc
    From this point, continue increasing as needed until the desired diameter is achieved. For the Cotton Gold yarn, which isn’t very stretchy, I subtracted about 2 centimeters from the head’s diameter:
    A 58 cm head circumference translates to roughly 18.47 cm in diameter. I stopped increasing around 16 cm.
  14. Rnd – FP, ch 1, 8 dc
  15. Rnd – FP, ch 1, 9 dc
  16. Rnd – FP, ch 1, 10 dc.
    17-36. Rnds: FP, ch 1, 10 dc. When the hat shape was clearly defined, I tried it on to ensure a proper fit. It’s always a good idea to adjust the length based on the wearer’s preference
  17. Rnd – (3 sc, 1 inc) around, working only in the front loop
  18. Rnd – Alternate between 1 FP and 1 dc all the way around
    39-42. Rnds – Work a FP into the previous FP, and a dc into the previous dc, alternating between the two all the way around.

Crochet Pumpkin Vine

with green colour

Ch 40, turn, starting from the second ch from the hook, work 3 dc in each ch. Reaching the end, sl st to the beginning, then ch 40. Repeat the dc pattern, sl st to start, and ch 40 again. Work 3 dc in each ch once more.

Once complete, stitch the vines onto the top of your crochet pumpkin hat, and voila! Your autumnal accessory is ready to wear.


Rear view of a girl adorned with a crochet pumpkin hat, overlooking Lake Balaton

Wishing you a delightful crochet journey and vibrant fall days ahead!